About the Chicago Homeschool Coop

Chicago Homeschool Coop (CHC) aims to provide community and support for homeschooling and unschooling families in the Chicago area. CHC is an inclusive group. We welcome members regardless of their religious beliefs or non-belief. Our members are diverse in our homeschooling styles, philosophies, race, ages, and experiences. We value this diversity and aspire to learn and grow with our children by sharing our time, resources, skills and interests. As we strengthen our community within the group, we also hope to participate meaningfully in our larger community.

To become a member of the CHC, we ask that you live in Chicago (or near suburb) and be homeschooling your child(ren) full time. Or you may join if your child is still preschool aged and you are intending to homeschool when they are older.

We are primarily a social group. Our general meeting time is Wednesdays from 1-4 pm, excluding Holidays

During the winter months we meet indoors for a weekly playgroup. During the rest of the year (roughly April thru October) we meet weekly at various local parks and places. There are occasionally organized outings to museums or other places of interest.


Many of our members also participate with other homeschool organizations, take group classes, etc etc, You will find links to some of those activities and groups on the home page of this blog.

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